Environment Artist

E&B Studio is looking for talented Environment Artists to join us in making awe-inspiring visuals for the new worlds we are creating. This is an amazing opportunity to work with world-class art talent and to be part of a new IP from the ground up. We are looking for people who are eager to find new ways to improve as artists and who excel in an environment where we motivate and encourage each other to reach new creative heights. Together, we are pushing past the limit of what is possible in game development.

At E&B Studio, we value talent and drive more than titles and rank. If you think that your skills and ambitions match up to the requirements of the role in all ways but seniority, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Examples of what you will do

  • Modelling environment geometry from simple mass-out to finished states
  • Match art styles defined by the Art Director and Concept Artists
  • Collaborating closely with 3D modelers and Game Designers
  • Assess, critique, and help to improve our capabilities in environmental lighting, textures, and asset creation
  • Work with engineering to evolve new and better ways of building worlds
  • Work closely with the team and creative leads to elevate and evangelize our artistic vision

What you will bring

  • Self-motivation, strong communication skills, and a great team-player attitude
  • Considerable experience of working in AAA digital game development as an Environment Artist
  • Good sense of scale and spatial awareness
  • Solid understanding of video game development & the different pipelines in the art process
  • The creative initiative and vision necessary to bring an environment to completion from either a detailed or simple concept image
  • Good understanding of procedural texturing techniques
  • An eye for lighting, materials, color theory, detail, and visual hierarchy
  • Great decision-making capabilities
  • An affinity for problem-solving and prototyping

Bonus Points

  • Unreal Experience
  • Blender skills
  • Zbrush skills
  • Traditional drawing/painting skills
  • A passion for story-driven RPG games and science fiction


How to Apply

Please submit your application here: job@ernstborg.studio
We will only consider applicants who send us a CV & a Portfolio!

About the Company
E&B Studio is a mid-sized game development studio in Malmö, Sweden with a team built on experience from top game development studios such as Massive Entertainment, Dice, Sharkmob, Avalanche, and more. We combine our skills in game development with our experience working with real-life architecture. The result is niche expertise in creating AAA environments that are believable, authentic, atmospheric, and engaging.

Our goal is to create the most (un)believable game worlds ever!

We are currently working with Archetype Entertainment to build a multi-platform roleplaying game set in a new science fiction universe. Founded in 2019, Archetype is an autonomous division of Wizards of the Coast led by veterans from many of the top AAA game studios in the industry, including BioWare, Naughty Dog, 343 Industries, id Software, Santa Monica Studio, and more.